Lucian Octavian DRAGOMIR, Mihai HERBEI, Nicolae Ion BABUC, Claudiu Daniel TOMA None
2 SCANSTATION laser scanning system manufactured by Leica is a terrestrial scanningsystem, which is used mainly in static measurement that can be used in a wide range of topographyEngineering works such as: Documentations in civil engineering, construction management, industry(industrial sites - re / construction) monitoring in various fields of industry structures, undergroundconstructions (tunnels, galleries, etc.). Mines, Geology (eg stock analysis / volume); Documentation fortechnical installations (petrochemical, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants), architectural,archaeological, historical restoration situ-tion, monitoring disaster in virtual reality applications,technical documentation for the forensics, traffic accident reconstruction site, and so on, urban plans(2D, 3D); The instrument used to measure distances principle of measurement time (time of flight - TOF)principle for measuring angles oscillating mirror has a 360 ° scan field horizontally and vertically. Eachof these measurement methods may lead to technical problems required specialized designer and candeliver specific products (topographic), which provide design support for the modernization of mines andconstruction of art of this kind. The difference between these methods, I wish to emphasize in this work,consists of a series of related parameters:a. Network design features lift;b. Carrying out their field work;c.The number of points collected; d. Advantages and disadvantages of the three approaches; e. Accuracyof determining the topographical characteristic points of detail required; f. Easy to obtain specificproducts; Processing of measurements made with ScanStation 2 were performed with software producedby Leica Geosystems Cyclone v. exclusively dedicated processing and measurements made with thissystem scan. Processing for laser scanning in many ways involves assembling clouds of points obtainedin each point of the station, which coordinates in a local instrument. This operation is called registration.Registration on or georeferencing, when spoken by a single coordinate system (national in this case) isthe process of combining results from different positions of the laser scanner or transform these resultsinto a common coordinate system for the point cloud result after all scanning operations can be used todefine the object or area scanned in a single system. Name of work: "Monitoriarea surface by GPSsurveying, scanning, City mine, Harghita” Object of study: The aim of this project is to create a digitalmodel, three-dimensional terrain current through modern 3D scanning technology for time trackingmovements and settlements of land Aim: time tracking of movements of land mine salt mine village,county. Ground location: salt mine in the Black Mountains Gurghiului is contained in Salt Hill, Countymine.
GPS, GeoReference, ScanStation 2, scaning system, cloud points, registration, 3D section, digital model
Presentation: oral