Ofelia PANDA1, Alina Laura AGAPIE1, TABĂRĂ Valeriu1, Georgeta POP 2 None
Abstract: the present study aims to evaluate the formation of productivity elements in dioic hemp, under the influence of several factors. In this sense, at ARDS Lovrin a multifactorial experience was established, with the following factors: factor A - agricultural year (2017, 2018, 2019), factor B - variety (Lovrin 110, Silvana, Armanca and line Lv 457/08) and factor C - sowing density (7 plants / m2, 37plants / m2 and 150 plants / m2). The elements studied and presented in this paper are the length of the plant and the length of the inflorescence of hemp plants. Of the three factors studied, the one that very significantly influences both parameters, both the length of the plant and the length of the inflorescence, is the density. As the number of plants per square meter is smaller thus the measured values of the two productivity indicators of hemp cultivation have higher values. The study took place in 2017-2019 in the experimental field of the dioecious hemp breeding laboratory at ARDS Lovrin. The soil on which the experimental field was located is a typical chernozem, with a medium clay structure, specific to the area of influence of the resort. The climate is temperate, with an annual average rainfall of around 520 mm and a multiannual average temperature of 10.70C. Hemp is one of the most important plants that produce fibers of vegetable origin and is one of the many plants that produce textile fibers. With very varied uses in the textile industry and in other industrial branches, hemp stems contain 26-32% fibers. Technological factors are very important and are influenced by climatic conditions. Hemp is sown when in the soil in the morning, at a depth of 5-7 cm, it is recorded 7-8 0C. When sown too early, hemp plants grow unevenly, grow slowly, age and do not recover in the favorable conditions that follow. A very significant positive correlation is established between the two parameters, the value of the correlation coefficient being r = 0.97 ***.
hemp, variety, density, inflorescence, plant length.
field crops and pastures
Presentation: poster