Antoniya STOYANOVA None
The synergistic effect of irrigating and fertilizing corn for grain has been the subject of years of research. Grain maize shows its biological potential by properly combining irrigation, nutrient fertilization and other factors of the agro-technical complex of activities. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the following variants are laid: In some furrows are fertilized and in the adjacent watering; In the same furrows are fertilized and irrigated; Non-irrigation option.The size of the test plots is 70 m2 (length of 10 m, 5 irrigation and 5 non-irrigation furrows) and soil type meadow cinnamon soil (Gleyic Hromic Luvisols). Nitrogen fertilizer is fed three times at 1/3 - before sowing, before sowing and after the first watering with a total of 120 kg/ha in the 1st year and 180 kg/ha of active substance in the 2nd year of the field experiment.The aim of this study is a comparative analysis of two technology solutions for fertilization and irrigation of maize grain. Studied the distribution of nitrogen in the soil profile and the level of contamination of the effluent. The analysis of both technologies for irrigation and nutrition with nitrogen grain maize in irrigation fertilization (traditional technology) and without fertilization furrows (new technology) seeks to establish the ecological relevance of each of them. Assays were performed in method for simultaneous determination of ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen in the soil. Water samples of irrigation water were analyzed for nitrogen, the samples were taken at the beginning of irrigations; of effluent irrigation for both variants are taking an average sample of irrigation furrows in the beginning in the middle and at the end of the flow in them. It was found that only the first watering and irrigation fertilized furrows has substantial exports of both mineral and nitrate nitrogen in the effluent. Most nitrate nitrogen is exported in irrigation furrows and fertilized at a higher fertilization rates.
maize, irrigation, fertilization, yield, nitrogen
field crops and pastures
Presentation: poster