A. OKROS1, P. PÎRȘAN1, V. MIRCOV1, Casiana MIHUȚ1, Maria Manuela CRISTA1 None
Agriculture is a traditional branch of the Romanian economy that has, as a means of production, the agricultural land fund (the totality of land situated between the borders of a country, including those under water), which provides the necessary food for the population, raw materials for some industries, and products for export. It has been practiced in our country since prehistoric times, with shepherding predominating, practiced in several forms including transhumance (the movement of herds according to the season from high to low areas). In the 19th century, after the Peace of Adrianople, the structure of land use changed in favour of plant cultivation, especially cereals, Romania becoming “the granary of Europe” in the 20th century. In the second half of the 20th century, some progress was noticed in agriculture due to mechanization, chemistry, irrigation, etc., but overall, because of collectivization, interest of the peasantry in production decreased. After 1990, Romanian agriculture faced strong fragmentation of agricultural land as a result of the 1991 restitutions (Law 18/1991), lack of funds for investments, and decommissioning of irrigation systems The natural and social conditions influencing agricultural production are the relief, which plays the role of thermal threshold causing a differentiation of agricultural practices on large relief units: in mountain areas, predominates animal husbandry; in hill and plateau areas, predominate viticulture, tree growing, and animal husbandry; in lowland areas, predominate the cultivation of cereals, industrial plants and vegetables; the climate is, generally, favourable, with, sometimes, phenomena that partially compromise crops (freeze, drought, etc.). From an administrative point of view, Vinga commune is part of Arad county and consists of three villages: Vinga - commune residence village located at a distance of 23 km from Arad, Mailat and Mănăştur municipality. Vinga commune is located in the southwestern extremity of Arad county, in Vingăi Plain, only 23 km from Arad municipality and approximately 30 km from Timişoara municipality.
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