L. DINCĂ1, Emilia VECHIU1 None
Banat is a region from South-West Romania that is geomorphologically characterised by the repartition of form reliefs. The form reliefs from this area succeed each other in levels starting from East to West as such: low plain, high plain, hills and mountains. This region is characterised by low mountains that were formed by the presence of karst. From a geologic point of view, Banatului Mountains belong to the largest and most compact surface of chalky, carbonic rocks from Romania, Reşiţa-Moldova Nouă area. Data from plot descriptions present in forest management plans can be used in studying a territory’s geomorphology as they present detailed particularities for certain surfaces occupied by stands. The purpose of this present paper is to study the geomorphology of Banatului Mountains with the help of data from forest management plans realized for forests located in this region. The data that were taken into consideration were: altitude, relief category, field configuration, slope and exposition. The total surface occupied by national forests from Banatului Mountains is of 482.387 ha. Amongst them, the majority are situated at altitudes between 500 and 600 meters. The slope (with a significant percentage of undefined slopes) is the main form relief from Banatului Mountains. Field configuration in the forest area is mainly sinuous, occupying 6% of this area, while kneading fields occupy only 1%. Field inclination presents an increased growth from plain fields up to those with a 30g slope. The most accentuated slopes are registered by Baile Herculane (70g), Sasca Montana, Bozvici, Resita and Baile Herculane (60g). A reduced percentage was observed for fields with very low slopes (2%) or very high (5%), while fields with slopes between 20g and 40g have recorded significant percentages (80%). The entire Banatului Mountains chain is characterized by a relatively uniform repartition of stands based on the exposition, with a lower percentage of fields with East and West expositions.
altitude, field slope, field configuration, exposition, Banatului Mountains
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