A.G. KOLOZSVARI1, Adina-Daniela DATCU1,2, F. SALA1 None
This study purpose was to assess some morphometric and physiological indices at two woody plant species, European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.), to describe plant behavior in different forest zones, at different altitudes and light intensities. The samples were collected from a beech forest located in western part of Romania, at an average altitude of 230 a.s.l., in October 2020. Leaves that were intact and healthy were selected. These were scanned and then taken into plant physiology lab for dry weight determination. The analyzed indices were leaves lengths, perimeters and areas with a specific software. Dry weight of each sample was determined using an analytical balance, after the completion of drying process in an oven, at 100 ˚C. After this, specific leaf weight (SLW) was obtained. Regarding the results, in general, beech leaves were longer and with a higher perimeter than common hornbeam ones. The highest values of this indices were obtained for beech samples collected from the forest. Leaf area was higher for beech leaves, when compared with hornbeam leaves. Between gravimetric indices tested in this study, dry weight behavior was similarly with leaf areas one. Leaf area and dry weight of a sample are related with photosynthetic efficiency and plant investments can be noticed through leaves analysis. Also, variations in specific leaf weight values were observed. This index had the lowest mean values for the samples taken from trees located inside the forest. This can be due to a lower light level in that site. Higher values were obtained for the rest of the samples. In general, hornbeam leaves presented a higher specific leaf weight when compared with beech leaves, and the highest value was obtained for the samples taken from trees that grow at the forest edge where light intensity is higher than inside the forest.
morphometric indices, leaf behavior, leaf area, specific leaf weight, beech forest
field crops and pastures
Presentation: poster