Aurelia MIHUȚ, A.MOISE, Casiana MIHUȚ, Valeria CIOLAC, Anișoara DUMA-COPCEA None
In this paper, we present the soils that are found in the Suceava River basin, soils that have certain distinct features in terms of parental material but also of their physical, hydric, and chemical properties. Both alluviosols and certain gleic, salic, and salinized subtypes are found, i.e. soils that are influenced by groundwater located at shallow depths and which influence their features, fertility, and occupancy. Of the total area studied of 87,552 ha, forests occupy quite small areas, i.e. 19.34% compared to 44.66% by the forests of Suceava County, Romania. Moreover, at the level of our country, Suceava County has the highest degree of afforestation in the country, i.e. 52.88%, which is one of the reasons why it is worth studying, protecting, and highlighting. As for the zoning of vegetation in the Suceva River basin, there are both forests and meadows. Two sub-areas are present: the beech area and the sessile oak area. It is important that the forested area at both Suceava County and country level, where soils are not suitable for agriculture, be forested. There is also a need for afforestation of those soils that are found spread over large slopes, where there is a risk of landslides, erosion for better use, and conservation of these soils.Vegetation acts as a protective screen on the soil limiting the amount of water drained on the slopes, reducing the striking force of raindrops, and reducing areolar and linear erosion. Human intervention by deforestation and improper cultivation technologies favours accelerated erosion. In the forest area, soils are highly acid, there are fewer nutrients, poorly humified, and forming dark raw humus which causes reduced biological activity. Vegetable residues are very importantȘ in deciduous forests, two or three times more nutrients are obtained compared to evergreen forests. The territory studied falls within the area of silvostepe, with two subzones: the beech area and the sessile oak area.
soil, vegetation, floor, river basin
sciences soil
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