Aurelia MIHUȚ, A.G. HERȚANU, Casiana MIHUȚ, A. OKROS, Antoanela COZMA None
This paper describes all soil types and subtypes within the Lipova Forest District. Geographically, the Lipova Forest District is located in the western part of Romania, in the Lipova Hills, with the Mureș River as limits to the north, the hills within the Bega River basin to the south, and the boundary between the western plain and the Lipova hills (UP I and UP IX) to the west. The average altitude is between 120 m, in the meadow of the Mureş River, and 340 m. Most forests are found at altitudes between 200 and 400 m. Slope is the predominant geomorphological unit, followed by plateau, meadow and mane. The terrain configuration is usually flat and wavy, less often bumpy. Slope is a physical-geographical character with an ecological determinant role for soil and vegetation, bringing important changes in surface leakage. A number of arboreta suffer from the stationary conditions in which they vegetate, the soil being exposed to excess water – short-lived (0.67 ha) or seasonal (0.83 ha) – while others have stems damaged by game or rot at the base as a result of the origin of the shoots. These destabilising factors affect a total area of 2,687.18 ha as follows: 1.50 ha of low-to-medium intensity; unhealthy stems on 2,685.68 ha of which 10-20% (2,677.41 ha) and 30-50% (8.27 ha). These destabilising factors act either singularly or cumulatively (most often) with a different degree of intensity and, depending on it, they affect the normal development of the respective arboreta. Within the Lipova Forest District, the soils of the luvisol class predominate by 95%: luvosol, by 77%, preluvosol by 16%, and allosol by 2%. Next are the protisol class soils that participate with 3% of the area of forests and land for afforestation or reforestation while the smallest area is occupied by the cambisol class, which participate with only 2% of the area of forests and land for afforestation or reforestation.
soil, forest district, luvosol, preluvosol, eutricambosol
sciences soil
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