Gabriela ALPOIM, C. SĂLĂȘAN None
Sustainable planning and management of forest resources is today a common objective across the European Union, as a way of ensuring sustainable management of natural resources, combating climate change and promoting the economic and social development of rural areas. In this sense, the European Union, through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), established in its regulation several articles with a view to the development of space and forest resources in the EU. Namely investments in the development of forest areas and in improving the viability of forests, afforestation and creation of wooded areas, implantation and regeneration / renovation of agroforestry systems, prevention and repair of damage caused to forests by forest fires, natural disasters and catastrophic events, as well as such as investments to improve the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems, investments in forest technologies and in the transformation, mobilization and commercialization of forest products, and the creation of producer groups and organizations. In this way, standards and measures that meet these objectives are included in the various National Rural Development Programs, among which the 221 - First afforestation of agricultural land, a measure aimed at the afforestation of land for carbon sequestration, preventing soil erosion and other risks such as flooding and increasing the production of a renewable energy source. The main objective of this work is to make a comparative analysis of the measures taken under the norm 221, common to the National Rural Development Programs 2007-2013 of two member states: Portugal and Romania, through the results obtained at the end of the program, contained in the PRODER 2013 execution report and Final report of the ex-post evaluation of the rural development program for the continent 2007-2013 in the case of Portugal and in the Ex-post evaluation study of the national rural development program 2007-2013 and in the National Rural Development Program 2007-2013 in the case of Romania.
FEADER, Afforestation, National Rural Development Program
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster