Vasilica ȚUCU, Magdalena Cristina IMBREA, R. PAȘCALĂU, Ș. L. BĂTRÎNA, L. BOTOȘ None
Medicinal plants are cultivated or spontaneous plant species, and which, under various forms - serve health from the beginning of the world. As the chemical industry develops, some of the popular remedies were given another form, they were modernized. Most of the time the effect of using medicinal plants is slower, requiring longer treatment, but it is less - risky and cheaper. The effect of medicinal plants is more complex, acting on several organs or systems at the same time. Herbs produce fewer and much less side effects. The purpose of the research was to complete the biological material, because in our country since 1973, only the population of De Dobrotesti is zoned. In this respect, a comparative culture was organized in which in addition to the population of De Dobrotesti was used a local population in the area, which we named "De Brosteni" after the name of the village from which it was harvested and a population of the province of De Voivodina, Serbia – Montenegro. The results revealed a good behavior of the experienced populations, both in terms of the height of the plants (in the second year at the first harvest it was between 69 cm in the population of De Brosteni and 75 cm in the population of De Voivodina, and in harvest II between 47 cm (De Brosteni) and 55 cm (De Voivodina), and in the third year between 70 cm and 78 cm at the first harvest and between 42 cm and 51 cm at harvest II, the highest values belonging to the population of De Voivodina, and the smallest population of De Brosteni), the branching degree (oscillated in year II at the first harvest between 8 and 11, and in the second harvest between 5 and 6, and in year III at the first harvest between 6,6 and 7,5 at the first harvest and between 5,1 and 6,1 in the second harvest) and the number of leaves/plant (in year II at harvest I between 105 (De Brosteni) and 141 (De Voivodina), and at the second harvest between 55 and 67 in the same populations, and in the third year, at the first harvest between 111 (De Brosteni) and 137 (De Voivodina), and in the second harvest, in the same populations ranged from 45 to 54).
population, volatile oil, branching grade
field crops and pastures
Presentation: poster