Alina –Andreea ABRUDAN , D. ŢĂRĂU None
Our research has its origins in the scientific and practical preoccupations regarding gathering knowledge about determining the risks of the apparition of limiting factors in the land productivity and estimating values for a series of the considered factors: compactness degree, soil reactivity, granular composition, surface and depth humidity. All these factors influence the workability of the land. The importance of this subject comes from the fact that there are close links between the structure of the land fund with its characteristics and the grown species, links that are various and complex. Thus, the properties of the soil can greatly influence the roots, mineral nutrition, the air and water supply needed for all the physiological processes, and the plants themselves will influence directly and indirectly the fertility of the soil and its productivity. Taking into consideration all these aspects, and based upon the research done throughout the PHD course - 28th of September 2015 to the present with the topic RESEARCH ON THE ECO- PEDOLOGY BASES OF LIPOVA HILLS LAND PRODUCTIVITY AND POSSIBLE PRESSURES UPON THEIR QUALITY, this paper presents a few aspects regarding the establishing othe risk of apparition and intensification of limiting factors in fields productivity, characteristics that define land vocation for certain usages or agricultural practices. Through its geographical position, the area known as LIPOVA HILLS, LIPOVA PIEMONTE OR LIPOVA PLATEAU, is situated in the western part of the country, 21°22’30’’ and 22°21’30’’ east longitude and 45°55’ and 46°15’ north latitude, as a transition between Western Carpathians and the lower region of Bega- Timis corridor. Thus, the area has specific characteristics of real interest for scientific research. The research is linked up with the fundamentals of durable agriculture, responding to domestic demands of constituting a scientific database needed for the foundation of technology and management measures of agro-eco systems.
lands, soil, productivity, factors, hills
sciences soil
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