Crista Maria Manela, Niță Simona, Niță Lucian, Okros Adabert, Casiana Mihuț, Ienciu Anisoara USABMV Timisoara
The comprehensive analysis regarding the scientific substantiation of the need to rehabilitate the modernization and extension of the arrangements for regulating the water regime from the surface and soil mass so that the level of pedophreatic water does not rise to join the rainwater highlights some essential aspects. Due to the malfunction of the hydro-amelioration works due to the clogging of the canals, their flooding by vegetation, the reduction of the evacuation capacity by pumping, the damage of the bridges, footbridges and other works, the water evacuation is done at low parameters which causes the rise of pedophreatic level , causing secondary wilting and salinization. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of performing hydro-amelioration works and the influence on groundwater pollution. Excess moisture has a negative effect on plant development, so crop yields decrease. Excess water favors the multiplication of hydrophilic weeds, it also determines the appearance of fog, a favorable condition for the appearance of pathogens. The soils specific to the studied area, having an adhesive plastic consistency as well as a degree of natural compaction, but also an additional compaction due to the soil works often at too high humidity require additional energy consumption to perform technological works specific to cultivated plants. Another major drawback of these soils is the fact that the periods of time in which good quality agrotechnical works can be carried out, which would contribute to the improvement, even temporarily, of the microbiological activity in the soil, by increasing its air content, are short. , the soil moving from excess moisture to deficit, relatively quickly. Due to this characteristic, the farmers in the studied area, practically have to equip themselves with tractors, agricultural equipment and combines, so that they can carry out in a short time the specific agricultural works. "In the area studied in the conditions of flat lands, there are microdepressions in the form of" croves "which, although they are not easily noticeable, in the conditions of excess humidity are harder to blow, remaining like lenses in the wilted plot.
water, precipitation, soil work, salinization
sciences soil
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