B.I. PLEȘCA, Ioana-Maria PLEȘCA, Maria DINCĂ National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry “Marin Drăcea”
Herbarium repositories have gained in the last year's considerable attention for biodiversity conservation purposes, as well as for scientific researches. “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium is recognized for its vast amount of specimens, altogether representing historical evidence of the Romanian flora. The herbarium contains both common species as well as rare and endangered ones Anthemis species present in the above-mentioned herbarium represent the object of this study. In order to create an updated database of this genus, 152 vouchers from the botanical collection were inventoried and analyzed. The vouchers were harvested between 1846 and 1993 by renowned Romanian and foreign botanists and have very good conservation status. The final database of Anthemis Genus includes ten different taxa with accepted status. In addition, three species inscribed in the Red List of superior plants from Romania were identified, namely Anthemis macrantha Heuff., Anthemis cretica L. and Anthemis triumfettii (L.) DC. The consulting of international databases has revealed that a part of the inventoried taxa is currently assigned as synonyms for Cota, Achillea and Chamaemelum species. Anthemis Genus has special importance in traditional medicine although it is a plant with reduced fodder value. Moreover, some representatives are agricultural weeds and have a high potential of spreading and causing serious problems in the agroecosystems.
herbarium, biodiversity, Anthemis, voucher, conservation
Presentation: oral