Hortensia RĂDULESCU ¹Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine“ King Michael I of Romania “ from Timişoara, Romania
The paper presents a possible modality of improving the fertility of acid soil by treating it with alkaline compounds, containing essential and trace elements, resulted in the industrial process of manufacturing magnesium carbonate and oxide from dolomites. The two mineral sources have resulted from the magnesium products industry and contain in their composition significant contents of magnesium and calcium as well as low contents of trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc. The difference between the two waste types lies in the double magnesium content, established for the crusts deposits. Because of their alkaline reaction and nutritive elements content, the two waste types can be revaluated in agriculture as amendment on acid soils. The experiment pursueds the effects of soil treatment with 2 waste types applied in different doses.The obtained results show a buffer effect on the acid soil reaction and an increase of the essential and trace elements content of the treated soil. The pH buffering process and the enrichment of essential and trace elements in soil by alkaline waste supplies establishes in soil the enhancement of global soil fertility. The paper shows the effects of soil treatment with four different doses of industrial waste concerning the soil reaction and calcium- magnesium content. The obtained results indicate that soil reaction turns from acid to neutral, while the established increase for calcium soil content reached 51% and 26% for magnesium content, both generated by the highest experimented waste dose. The originality of this paper consists in the utilization of these waste, resulted from the magnesium products industry in agriculture as soil amendment. The importance of this study lies in the fact that, on the basis of the obtained results, a new amendment technology can be conceived by specifying the suitable dose of waste, usage manner and application frequency.
alkaline waste supplies, waste doses, soil reaction, pH buffering, calcium- magnesium soil content
environmental engineering
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