Anna BAROIAN 1 , Irina MINAKOVA 2 , Lucrețiu DANCEA 3 2 Southwest State University, Faculty of Public Administration and International Relations, 305040 Russia, Kursk 3 Banat's University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” (USAMVBT), irene19752000@mail.ru
Food security is an integral part of the country's national security. In Russia, as in most countries of the world, ensuring food security is the most important direction of state policy. The aim of the work was a complex economic assessment of the current food security state in Russia. The methodological basis of the study is the general scientific cognition methods - deduction and induction, analysis and synthesis, which allow to reveal genesis and current state of the country's food security. The theoretical source of the research was the scientific works of Russian and foreign scientists and specialists on the problems of citizen’s food supply, food independence of the state, rational and optimal human nutrition, and the system of consumption of high-quality and safe food for health. The study showed that food deficit and famine in Russia, caused by both unfavorable natural and climatic factors, by wars, by irrational government policies, have serious socio-economic consequences and threats to the country's development. As a result, assessment of the Russian Federation food security level established that the target indicators of food self-sufficiency were achieved and exceeded for grain, meat and meat products, eggs, potatoes, however, for the rest of the products there is an insufficient level of self-sufficiency. The most critical situation is with self-sufficiency in fruits and berries. The volumes of food consumption demonstrate positive growth dynamics in all major groups, except for bread products and potatoes. Scientifically grounded consumption norms for potatoes, vegetables and melons, fruits and berries, milk and dairy products, eggs have not been reached, and for the rest there is an excess of the norm. The main reason for the underconsumption of food by the population is low income of the population.
Keywords: food security, self-sufficiency, actual and standard consumption, underconsumption, food deficit
environmental engineering
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