Marian Flavius, Eremi Ovidiu, Casiana Mihuț, Okros Adalbert, Borcean Adrian USAMVBT
Agriculture has been around since ancient times and continues to be a vital area of human activity today. It remains the only source of food, an important supplier of raw materials for industry and also a significant market for its production. Agriculture is a branch of material production, in which, with the help of green plants and under the guiding action of man, takes place the transformation of the kinetic energy of the sun into potential energy - organic matter - the only form of energy accessible to humans and animals. The development of agriculture is influenced by natural, technical and socio-economic factors. Technical factors have an important role in increasing production, through mechanization, chemicalization, irrigation, etc. and the socio-economic ones through the capacity and the degree of training of the labor force and the entire economic context in which this branch of the economy develops. Among the natural factors, the climate has an essential role, it conditions the spread and structure of agricultural crops through the regime of temperature, humidity and light. The relief influences the distribution of crops by altitude, the exposure of the slopes, the inclination of the slopes. The genetic type of soil contributes through its main feature, fertility, to which is added the ability to drain and retain water. In this paper we want to present the characterization of soils in Periam commune, Timiș county. The soils encountered within the area are those of the chernozem type. Within this type of soil, several subtypes can be separated, among which wet groundwater chernozems predominate. Due to the good physical, chemical and biological properties they have, chernozems have a high natural fertility. Grains, technical plants and fodder give very good yields on this type of soil. Gleiosoils appear in the lower areas due to the high level of groundwater rich in potassium.
agriculture, soil, factors, soil analysis
sciences soil
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