Alin Efraim GHIMAN, Laura ȘMULEAC, Alina LAȚO Banat Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine ”King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara” laurasmuleac@yahoo.com
Reduced water quantity, represents a danger for existence of live cells, organisms and flora and fauna in general. Water has an essential importance, representing the structural and functional base for the living beings. In addition, water, is also an essential constituent of living matter, having a special role in vital processes development. Given the fact that 2/3 of global surface is covered with water, it is estimated that the planet Earth has 1,4 km3 of water. As a result of water use by consumers, it changes its composition, suffering natural quality changes, so it cannot be used for the same purposes as previous to the pollution. Substances and agents that cause the change of the initial composition of the natural waters are called pollutants. Considering U.N.O. definition of water pollution means a direct or indirect modification of water normal composition, in a measure that hardens upon all uses to which it may serve in its natural state. Pollution may be the consequence of some natural phenomena, but most frequently is strongly related to human activities. This article presents a synthesis of some analyzed water parameters in total of 1,683,561 determined in 2019 (this number is composed of analyzes performed in the way of audit monitoring as well as control monitoring for the quality parameters of potable water included in Annex no. 1 of Law nr. 458/2002 regarding water quality for human consumption, republish with subsequent amendments and completions) and also how polluted water influences the environment and human health.
water, pollution, pollutant, purification, causes of pollution
environmental engineering
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