MARIAN (ILIE) Virginia-Simona, ȘMULEAC Laura, TULBURE Cristina Banat Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine ”King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara”
Groundwater accounts for 97% of the world's freshwater resources, with the exception of glaciers and ice caps, making it the world's largest supplier of freshwater. The other 3% is represented by lakes, rivers, swamps, ie surface waters, and soil moisture. The notion of groundwater must thus be seen as a valuable resource for the environment, not only as a source of drinking water supply, thus imposing the protection of groundwater, being particularly important for the environment. The case study presented in this paper, has as main objective of the research, the monitoring of quality parameters regarding groundwater in the southwestern part of the country, respectively Devesel commune and Chilia village, belonging to Devesel commune. The water samples used in this case study were taken from the wells of these two rural areas, from Mehedinți county, Devesel commune and Chilia village, belonging to Devesel commune. In zone 1 D (Devesel commune) we took water samples from the wells of 4 families, having a well in the yard, a clayey area (which we noted well 1, 2, 3, 4), located at a distance of about 200 meters and water samples from 4 fountains, located outside the courtyards of the inhabitants of Devesel commune, located at a distance of 1km from each other, (which we noted fountain 5, 6, 7, 8). In area 2 C (Chilia village) we took water samples from 4 wells located outside the people's yards. Two of the fountains are at a distance of about 200 meters and we noted fountain 1 and fountain 2. And we also took two water samples from two fountains located along the road, which we noted well 3 and well 4, the distance between the two wells being about 300 meters. For the analysis of the water in the wells, the following quality parameters were observed: nitrogen ion content, nitrite ion content, phosphate ion content, ion content ammonium, chloride content, iron content, manganese content, sodium content, potassium content, CCO-Mn, pH, hardness. The quality parameters we followed were analyzed, according to standardized methods.
groundwater quality, rural wells, water samples, quality parameters, groundwater quality in rural areas.
environmental engineering
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