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The harvesting of agricultural products is the completion and conclusion of agricultural production process; it is the point of convergence of all human actions, all the material and spiritual efforts invested by the company in the labour process for the production of material goods so necessary for its existence and development. Historically, the action of harvesting and storing the fruits of the Earth has a long and rich past: it has emerged in the Stone Age, many thousands of years before the beginning of the practice of agriculture, and it is one of the primordial activities of man. In its long, but glorious evolution, the harvesting act experienced fall and rise; it was still celebrated with fast and overwhelmed, more glorified with the emergence and development of industry, but the balance sheet time remained “the moment of the truth” for the global activity of a particularly important production branch of the world economy. In order to ease their work, in order to increase labour productivity and efficiency in harvesting agricultural products, man has created and applied, over the years, an unparalleled diversity of work and work techniques, from the simplest tools and devices to complex machines – the self-propelled combines of today – and especially maize harvesters. Maize harvesting is a particularly important work to be executed in time and with minimal losses. The dynamics of agriculture with mechanical means is continuously ascending, current concerns being aimed at increasing the number of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as their improvement. The modern technical endowment of agriculture claims a thorough training and a high professional level of all those using this endowment.
mechanization, harvesting, grain maize, combines
field crops and pastures
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