Adrian Eugen BORCEAN, Gheorghe DAVID, Simona NIŢĂ None
The goal of the present paper is to present the dynamic of main foliar diseases of corn caused by the fungus Helminthosporium turcicum . The biologic material consists from an assortment of six corn hybrids. In the experimental field the technology used was the standard technology applied for this location area. The experience was implemented on the meadow soil and climatic conditions from Almajului Valley, near the town of Bozovici.  Last three years bring a very significant change of the main climatic factors (temperature and rain water) with a direct influence in dynamic of majority of diseases caused by fungus and bacteria. Taking all this in consideration we try to reveal in the present paper the behavior of six from the most cultivated Dekalb corn hybrids from the western part of Romania, at the fungus Helminthosporium turcicum attack under the last three years climatic changes. The experience results was calculated after normal statistic method for experiences with three factors, where the first factor is the experimental year, the second factor was the hybrid and the third factor the nitrogen amount. The achievements bring by the present work consist from the authors experience in research of the corn diseases under climatic change and in technological conditions of intensive agriculture. Also it is interesting from the point of view of possible reactions of the pathogen relating to local biocoenosis factors. Limits of the research are that data refer strictly to the relation between hybrid, nitrogen amount and fungus Helminthosporium turcicum . Practical implications of the research are that all data presented in the present paper are a part of a complex study of corn diseases protection strategy. This strategy is important for the fungus Helminthosporium turcicum because it can be considered as endemic disease for corn in the western part of Romania. The originality of the work comes from the fact that data are relevant in view of corn hybrids behavior under specific conditions. The relevant data, experimental results give an overview of pathogen behavior in relation to experimental conditions
corn, Helminthosporium turcicum, climate change, nitrogen amount
Presentation: oral