S. C. CURCHI, Simona NIȚA, L. D. NIȚA Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara, Romania
Today, among oilseeds, rapeseed is on the 5th place in the ranking of edible oil production, rapeseed oil having wide uses in industry and food, but also in medicine. Rapeseed is an excellent crop plant. Rapeseed oil is the edible oil whose fatty acid profile is ideal in relation to our daily needs. It is extremely interesting especially because of the amount of alpha-linolenic acid, also called essential fatty acid, because it is indispensable for health, given that our body cannot synthesize it alone. This is a precursor to Omega-3. Rapeseed oil is a source of vitamin E, which gives it antioxidant and regenerating qualities, as it fights free radicals, neutralizing them. The research carried out in 2019-2020 led to obtaining important results both theoretically and practically related to this culture. The type of soil on which the experiment was placed is the vertical-stagnant preluvosol, medium loam / clay loam, on medium-fine swelling clays. The soil reaction is moderately acidic and weakly alkaline with pH values increasing from 5.45 in the A horizon to 8.19 in the C horizon. To make a contribution to the topic under study, the development of an intensive technology the following aspects were studied: - contributions on the structure of hybrids, leading to high yields, - Oil content of rapeseed hybrids - Oil production in cultivated hybrids
technology, oil content, rapeseed
field crops and pastures
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