R. TRUȚAN1, I. TRUȚAN, V. NAGY2, Anișoara DUMA COPCEA1, Casiana MIHUȚ1 University of Agricultural Sciences Banat Veterninară ,,King Michael I of Romania”Timisoara
Labour efficiency depends primarily on the degree of mechanization in agriculture, as the use of agricultural machinery and equipment has the effect of increasing labour productivity, relieving physical labour, and reducing production costs substantially, thus contributing to increased agricultural productions. Machines in agriculture, as in other areas of activity, are fixed funds whose use leads to a significant increase in labour productivity, to a reduction in living labour expenses. The specific nature of the use of land as the main means of production in agriculture as a particular influence on the use of agricultural machinery. Agricultural machines need to correspond to the following requirements from the points of view of their structure and use: ensure qualitative working indices corresponding to the requirements of modern agriculture; execute at the same time as many as possible technological work operations; be multifunctional, i.e., to allow different working equipment to be attached to the base machine; be highly reliable; be able to execute high precision works without any loss of materials or crops; ensure the mechanization of all operations in the technological processes of production with high operating coefficients and at low production costs. Agricultural machines are fundamentally different from the machines used in other branches of the economy, especially those used in the manufacturing industry, because they work with live organisms (plants), with non-homogeneous materials in which different physical, chemical, and biological processes occur. This requires something specific only to agricultural machines, namely, that technological processes executed by them to create optimal conditions for plant development, according to agro-biological requirements for agricultural production purposes.
agricultural machinery, germination bed, mechanization, agriculture
field crops and pastures
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