A.- G. OACHIȘ1, Laura Iosefina ȘMULEAC1, R. PAȘCALĂU1 1 Banat’s University of Agriculture Science and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara
adaptation to maintain its attractiveness and legitimacy, in a changing environment. It has diversified, both in terms of the audiences welcomed and the training provided, while consolidating the assets and specificities that underpin its success. In the academic field, within HEIs, the future professionals, actual students need to possess and adequate English language, in all relevant areas of study, especially in those registering a faster evolution, agriculture itself, environment, climate change. We might ask ourselves why and how come that these areas need English language. Well, in a more modernized era and fulminant evolution, new terms and vocabulary have been introduced within these areas, new European and worldwide policies have been issued and in order to be updated one must possess good English knowledge to be a true professional and to increase the chances with a competitive labour marked after graduation. In addition to his, more and more equipment and gear, fertilizers and all tools and substances come from abroad, thus it is compulsory to have good level of English language and appropriate terms. It is important not only to have the appropriate vocabulary but also to use correct grammar rules, consequently starting with the first years of study, not only basic English language rules must be thought but also ESP and specific vocabulary from several fields of interest. One may notice that the evolution of the above-mentioned fields of Agriculture is a worldwide one and being updated and informed must be done from worldwide sources and most of them are in English.
English, agriculture, environment, students, language
environmental engineering
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