Laura ŞMULEAC 1, Snejana BACALU-RUS 2, Cristina TULBURE1, A. ACHIM, R. PAȘCALĂU1 1Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine "King Michael I of Romania" from Timisoara, 2Arad Technological High School of Construction and Environmental Protection
Surface water pollution is mainly due to the direct discharge of domestic or industrial wastewater into outflows. Industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater are discharged into surface water, often without treatment, leading to water and environmental pollution. Organic surfaces in decomposing wastewater reduce the oxygen concentration in the receptor and affect wildlife. In the last decades, water pollution has increased in a time and an alarmingly high degree in those areas where industrialization has developed a lot and with it the population has grown, the problem being not taking measures to protect water quality, and the requirements of water being larger and larger. Under these conditions, measures must be taken to reduce the impact of anthropogenic activity on the quality of the emissary, through efficient treatment and environmentally safe discharge of water. The subject of the paper is, through its applicability, in pedagogical practice, aiming to raise awareness and sensitize high school students about the optimal use of water consumption, the need for wastewater treatment and ecological education to protect and prevent water pollution. The paper aims at both scientific aspects, its purpose being to determine the quality indicators of domestic and industrial wastewater in Arad and mechanical-chemical treatment processes, as well as aspects regarding the implementation of notions within the specialized modules for the specialization environment "Environmental technician and environmental quality protection" and a Student Assessment Test regarding the operation of collecting and conserving water samples, worksheets for laboratory determinations and 3 teaching projects. The research results have a high civic value, and can be disseminated by local authorities by informing residents about the prevention of water pollution and its waste in households and the improvement of pedagogical practice.
water pollution, wastewater treatment, pedagogical practice, water quality indicators
environmental engineering
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