Ţărău D., Dicu D., Rogobete Gh., Bertici R, Herbei M., Nita L., Iliuƫã A , Buzatu C USAMVB Timisoara
The work aims the accumulation of knowledge on the characteristics of the natural environment, as elements that define the structure of the edaphic cover and of the ecological factors specific to the soil, as well as to highlight a series of limiting factors that act on the production capacity of agricultural or forestry lands, development of sustainable soil and land resource management systems. As a basic component of the terrestrial ecology, the edaphic coating is one of the most important elements of the environment, being in a close interdependence with the vegetal coating. The issue addressed concerns an area of 89802 ha (37451 ha, 41.70% are agricultural land and 48610 ha, 54.13% forests), located in The Hãlmagiu and Gurahonnƫ-Almaş depressions, crossed by the Crisul Alb river. Considering these facts, in the paper are presented some aspects regarding the physical-geographical and pedo-climatic characteristics based on the existing pedological information in the OSPA Timiş and Arad archive, but also based on the research carried out in time by the authors (within OSPA, USAMVBT and UPT), some aspects regarding the pedoclimatic characteristics as elements that define the fertility and the quality of the soils. The paper provides basic information and methodological elements on the classification and assessment of soil resources, thus integrating into the wider field of complex studies of natural resources and their capitalization with the protection of the environment. The physical-geographical conditions of soil formation and evolution are briefly but comprehensively mentioned, mentioning the way in which the zonal particularities of the considered space, of only 89802 ha, as an area determine a great diversity of ecological conditions, generated by the variability of factors -atmospheric and telluric-edaphic), and more broadly the composition of the edaphic cover, some restrictive characteristics of the quality and suitability of the lands for certain agricultural or forestry uses, with specific requirements and improvement measures.
quality, edaphic, forestry, productivity, land
environmental engineering
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