Delia Sorina DRĂGOI, Daniel LUCA, Casiana MIHUȚ, Anișoara DUMA-COPCEA University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" from Timisoara
The purpose of the paper is a case study of a private farm in the town of Gelu, Timiș county. The objectives considered in carrying out this work were the following: characterization of the studied area from the point of view of natural conditions; identifying the type of soil, studying the influence of environmental factors on the formation and evolution of soils; the study of the soils within the farm, respectively the typical chernoziom and the solonets, the description of the two types of soil from the point of view of properties and fertility. The town of Gelu is part of the Variaș commune, next to the town of Sânpetru Mic and is located in the northwest of Timiș county, at a distance of 45 km from the Municipality of Timișoara. The studied materials refer to the soil resources of a privately owned farm in the town of Gelu. When describing the soils identified within the farm, both data collected from the field and data taken from OSPA Timișoara and Variaș City Hall were used. The total area of the Variaș commune is 10369.51 ha, of which the extravillage of Gelu is 2641.07 ha. Regarding the two types of soil identified, the situation is as follows: The typical chernozem, weakly glazed, has a medium texture and a glomerular structure in the surface (Am), has good aeration and good permeability for water and air, as and a good capacity to retain useful water and a lower resistance to soil works, which gives it the highest productive potential and the weakly salinized Soloneță presents a series of soluble salts at a shallow depth which determined the appearance of salinization phenomena, something that severely limits soil fertility and the variety of crops on this type of soil. It appears only in islands, on small surfaces, on forms of microrelief and nanorelief, where the leaching process is more pronounced, being included in the fifth fertility class and occupied only by rare meadows of low productivity.
sustainable use, agricultural land, soil resources, chernozem, solonets
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