A. ŞMULEAC1, C. Mărgelu1, R. PAȘCALĂU1, N. Mărgelu1, Laura Iosefina ȘMULEAC1 1Banat's University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine"King Mihai I of Romania" from Timisoara laurasmuleac@usab-tm.ro
The object of the present cadastral work is the realization of the documentation necessary for the preparation of the Documentation for obtaining the Building Permit (CA) regarding the investment objective in accordance with the provisions of the design theme approved by the beneficiary. The documentation is elaborated in accordance with law 50 republished, amended and completed and the elements arising from the study of the related legislation in the field. The building in which it is to be built is located in bucovat commune, BUCOVAT village – jud. TIMIS according to the land registry extract no. 401937 with no. topo 401937. After performing topographic surveys in the field with the Total Trimble S5 Station, where for data collection, it uses the Trimble TCU control unit optimized for the Robot and Autolock versions, together with the Trimble Access software, using simple and user-friendly operations under any conditions. On the basis of the calculation roundup, the calculation of the foundations was drawn up according to the Geotechnical Study for CF 401937, Bucovăt, jud. Timis where the basic conventional pressure for Df=2.00m and B=1.00m we have pconv.=294kPa the corrected pressure for Df=0.90m and B=0.50m is pconv.corrected =205kPa. Also, the list of the quantities of excavation and concrete was drawn up, as well as the conditions of foundation, strength and stability. The data processing was carried out with Terramodel Design Software, which is a package of programs with different applications, intended for design works in the field of civil engineering and includes modules for generating the digital model of the terrain and contours, for the design of communication ways, computer-aided design (CAD) and various calculations (COGO). Each module contains sets of commands, which add specific functionalities to the basic possibilities of FDM. Terramodel contains a macrolimbage (TML) that also allows the creation of custom commands.
Trimble TCU, AC, CAD, COGO, Terramodel, TLM
geodesy engineering
Presentation: poster