Snejana DAMIANOV, L. MOLNAR, Ioana GROZEA „Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Regele Mihai I al Romaniei “ from Timisoara, Romania
Influence of foliar bio-fertilizers Cropmax and Foliplant on peach seedlings was monitored in a tree nursery experiment located in Lugoj area – Timisoara Didactic and Experimental Base. Peach is a species that responds well to fertilization, being a major consumer of N and K. Fertilizers used in the experiment are based on natural plant extracts, with an auxinic effect of growth, early ripping and productivity. Fertilization with Cropmax and Foliplant was carried out on fields I and II of Lugoj tree nursery – Timisoara Didactic and Experimental Base. First treatment was performed on June 3th, 2016, with a 0.2% concentration of Cropmax product, in phenophase when seedlings were 70 cm high. A 0.2% concentration of Foliplant product was applied on the second treatment on June 17th, 2016, when seedlings were 95 cm high. Measurements made after fertilization show a vegetative growth difference between unfertilized witness and fertilized variants, namely: on field I, growth percentage in thickness of rootstock Franc (common peach) in treated variants was of 12.6%; on field II, average diameter or thickness of seedlings showed increases of 11.4% at Redhaven variety, 10.8% at Flacăra variety and 10.9% at Jerseyland variety, compared to the witness untreated with foliar bio-fertilizers; height of field II seedlings treated with bio-fertilizers increased by 11.3% at Redhaven variety, 10.9% at Flacăra variety and 10.8% at Jerseyland variety, compared to the untreated witness. Following investigations, it was found that seedlings have shown signs of phytotoxicity at foliar bio-fertilizers. Fertilization Cropmax and Foliplant ensured vegetative growth increases, contributing to obtaining good quality fruit tree seedlings. The adaptability of peach varieties from Romania is determined by resistance of fruit buds at the frost during winter. The data show that between the percentage of degenerated fruit buds and fruit production there is a close negative correlation. The biological threshold for blooming buds is 6.5 ° C, and for opening flowers of 10.5 ° C, the optimum thermal for flowering is 13 - 16 ° C. Along with apricot and almond, the peach is a drought-resistant species, which can be grown without irrigation in areas with precipitation over 550-700 mm annually. The peach grows and benefits well in areas with hot summers and mild winters, with average annual temperatures of 10 - 11.5ºC.
bio-fertilizers, Cropmax, Foliplant, nursery, treatment
Presentation: poster