L. TURALIJA1, J. PERKOVI─ć1, Alka TURALIJA1 1 Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek
The world is now turning more and more to ecological, sustainable agriculture, and methods of agricultural production are turning to principles that were in the past, but which are still considered alternatives in most countries of the world. Ecological agriculture realized by methods of biodynamic agriculture, permaculture and quantum agriculture with the use of alternative sources of energy and the preservation of the environment and landscape in general, is becoming a growing need today. The European Commission, following the recommendation of world organizations, prescribed a series of recommendations and developed a series of strategies for each member state, which should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 2030 by at least 55%. Significant changes within agricultural production have become a necessary need for sustainable agriculture. The beginnings of different methods of soil cultivation, utilization and recycling (purification) of municipal water, as well as rainwater collection, are just some of the acceptable methods. The appearance of the principles of ecological agriculture, permaculture and quantum agriculture are therefore increasingly becoming the basis of interest and scientific study. The interaction of other sciences within agriculture and food growing is already known, but quantum physics with its laws are increasingly being tried to be implemented in direct methods of agricultural production. What are the differences and what are similarities and how scientists interpret the possible future scenario of sustainable agriculture, as well as the historical development of the mentioned principles and methods, are the topics of this paper. Through a short survey on the knowledge of the term quantum agriculture, more than 70% of respondents of the target group of agronomists and farmers have not encountered this term and do not know the principles of quantum agriculture.
quantum, the future of agriculture, concepts, digitization
Presentation: poster