Ádám Komlósi, Gábor Bencze, Zoltán Futó Hungarian University Agricultural and Life Sciences Department of Irrigation and Melioration adamkomlosi24@gmail.com
The head of the research is to investigate the effects of mild salt and drought stress on different maize hybrids. The research was set up at 2022 in Szarvas in the area of Hungarian University Agricultural and Life Sciences Department of Irrigation and Melioration. In the research below, we examined the responses of different maize hybrids to mild salt stress and different irrigation treatments. The research was protected from the natural rain, so we taked this research under a foil tent. In the experiment, we set up 3 different water doses and a mild salty treatment with the 3 water doses, and these were set up in several repetitions. We measured various phenological parameters on the maize several times during the research, and the final biomass weight at harvest of the experiment. In the research, we examined and analyzed the importance of hybrid selection and irrigation. In the course of the research, we measured the photosynthetic activity and different phenological parameters of different maize hybrids in a pot experiment. During the experiment, drought-sensitive and tolerant hybrids were tested under saline and non-saline conditions. During the experiment, plant height, leaf area (LAI) and relative chlorophyll content (SPAD) were measured every 2 weeks. In today’s climate-burdened world, we are increasingly confronted with the negative effects of drought and salt stress, but if we can prepare for and counter them, we can simply have a positive impact on our crop results. The experiment sheds light on how much a simple hybrid choice can affect our yield in a drought or normal year, or even on a saline soil. The novelty of the topic lies in the hybrids and field irrigation / water management results can be further refined for hybrids and soil hybrid and soil-specific irrigation adapted can be use.
stress, salt, irrigation, maize, drought
Presentation: poster