Mihaela-Loredana GHERASIMESCU1,Ana-Mariana DINCU*2, Florinel IMBREA1 1Banat`s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “ King Michael the 1-st of Romania” from Timişoara
Agriculture represents an activity that is very different from other economic activities, due to the fact that, on the one hand, agricultural activity is conditioned by the biological evolution of plants and animals, and on the other hand, it provides food for the population. Therefore, we can say that agriculture plays an important role for the economy of the studied area, due to the land it owns and which represents the main source of natural resources, therefore, agriculture will remain the most valuable branch of production. The research in this article provides a clear picture of the existing agricultural potential in Timiș County. Therefore, in the following, we will present the evolution of the land fund, vegetable agricultural productions and agricultural holdings by categories and size classes.Based on the statistical research undertaken by us, we can see that individual agricultural holdings predominate with a share of over 94%, those with legal personality holding a percentage between 1-6%. Viable agricultural exploitation can be characterized by the high level of income, due to the perfect regrouping of production factors and the implementation of the achievements of technical and scientific progress and creates decent living conditions for farmers and is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. A viable solution for the precarious state in which agricultural holdings are at the moment can be the establishment of certain services for agriculture, both governmental and private.
Timiș County, agriculture, agricultural area, agricultural production, land fund
Presentation: poster