Helena Maria SABO None
Nature loving tourism, also known as "ecological tourism" or ecotourism, is a relatively recent phenomenon, which represents a segment of the tourist industry. However, what means "ecological tourism"? First, it involves the development of all economic activity, not only tourism, in an unaltered environment. The environment is considered now a top priority politics in all developed countries. Second, economic restructuring and technical adjustments, remodeling the management of the environment for the purposes of taking over the qualitative aspects to satisfy the needs of this population, free of affecting the inheritance of the future generations takes the adoption of a new economic behavior. Thirdly, ecotourism involves a conscious tourism, individual, or in-group. I could give here some examples: a forest needs 60-80 years to recover, while a stalagmite and stalactite needs tens or thousands of years. Conclusion: the forest is designed to recreation, maintaining a clean atmosphere, physical and psychological recovery while the caves are designated to for people's admiration for his natural shapes and for destruction! These counts the Rodna Mountains National Park, an exceptional natural area by the valences of recreational, aesthetic, educational, and scientific, which is the tourist attraction of an special importance.
natural reservation, ecotourism, landscape protection, education
Presentation: oral