Delia DRĂGOI, A. DRĂGOI, D. PEIA, Casiana MIHUȚ, V. MIRCOV University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" from Timișoara, 300645, 119 Calea Aradului, Romania
The aim of the work is the geomorphological, pedological and climatic characterization of the Măru locality in Caraș Severin county, an area famous both for its natural landscapes and its geomorphology. The methods used are based on a series of own observations, along with studies and research provided by Zăvoi City Hall, OSPA Caraș Severin and local residents. To characterize the climate, we used the weather data from the Caransebeș Station. In the case of the present study, numerous field trips were carried out, observations and comparisons were made with previous studies carried out by various researchers, which led to the following results: from a geomorphological point of view, the relief of the area is characterized by a great variety of forms, represented by mountains 65.4%, depressions 16.5%, hills 10.8% and plains 7.3%; from the pedological point of view, the soils are arranged in altitude steps, depending on the relief and climate, which determines the zonal character. In the high area (mountain area), we find districambosols, in the lower area, eutricambosols and luvosols, and in the Bistra valley, alluviosols. From a climatic point of view, the area is characterized by the circulation of Atlantic air masses that give a moderate character to the thermal regime. In the summer months, average temperatures are increasing, but without significant jumps from one month to the next, compared to the spring months, when there is a sudden and progressive increase in average temperatures. In the higher area, the winters are relatively harsh. Autumn is warmer than spring by about 1oC in the lowlands and over 3oC in the mountains. The climate is characterized by average annual temperatures varying between 11o-12oC, the multiannual average amount of precipitation being around 600-750 mm.
geomorphological conditions, pedoclimatic conditions, soils, Măru
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster