D. LEAH 1, Ș. ZOICAN 1, L. VORNICU 1, Laura ȘMULEAC 1, R. PAȘCALĂU 1 1University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” from Timișoara,Romania
Water pollution stands as a formidable global challenge, casting a pervasive shadow over ecosystems and profoundly impacting animal breeding, both on land and in water. This abstract serves as a clarion call, illuminating the intricate dynamics between water pollution and the reproductive processes of a diverse spectrum of species. A litany of contaminants—ranging from heavy metals to pesticides and emerging pollutants—infuses water bodies, disrupting the delicate balance of nature's reproductive cycles. The consequences reverberate through the animal kingdom, manifesting in manifold ways. The insidious influence of water pollution spans reduced fertility rates, genetic aberrations, and population decline across species. The insinuation of pollutants into the environment also skews behavioural patterns, altering mating rituals, migration behaviours, and the overall viability of animal populations. Moreover, the pernicious effects of water pollution extend beyond individual organisms to imperil entire ecosystems. Aquatic biodiversity suffers as pollution erodes crucial habitats and fractures intricate food chains, leading to cascading repercussions throughout the ecosystem's trophic levels. The decline in species diversity not only threatens the intrinsic value of varied life forms but also disrupts the ecological balance, potentially leading to unforeseen and deleterious consequences for the environment as a whole. Consequently, the urgency to address this multifaceted challenge becomes apparent. The abstract serves as an introductory gateway, emphasizing the imperative for comprehensive and meticulous scientific inquiry. It underscores the necessity for stringent regulations and innovative, sustainable practices to curtail and counteract the detrimental effects of water pollution on animal breeding and broader biodiversity. A comprehensive exploration beckons, delving deeper into this ecological conundrum, unravelling the complex interconnections between water pollution and the intricate tapestry of animal breeding. It calls for collaborative efforts across scientific disciplines, policy-making arenas, and global communities to staunch the flow of pollutants into our waters and safeguard the reproductive health of diverse animal species. Ultimately, it advocates for a conscientious commitment to conservation, research, and proactive measures to mitigate the pervasive impacts of water pollution on animal breeding and the resilience of ecosystems worldwide.
water, pollution, ecological, animal breeding, environment
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster