L. VORNICU 1, Ș. ZOICAN 1, R. JIGĂU 1, R. PAȘCALĂU 1, P. MERGHEȘ 1 1University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” from Timișoara,Romania
The coffee plantations of the world, renowned for their rich and aromatic yields, bear an intricate relationship with the environment that extends far beyond the simple act of cultivation. This abstract explores the multifaceted importance of coffee plantations for the environment, unravelling their distinctive attributes and unique contributions to ecological well-being. The significance of coffee plantations resides not only in their role as providers of one of the world's most beloved beverages but also in their potential as environmental assets. These plantations serve as reservoirs of biodiversity, harbouring a remarkable array of flora and fauna, including endangered species. Shade-grown coffee, in particular, stands out for its role in preserving forest cover, supporting migratory bird populations, and safeguarding critical ecosystems. By fostering agroforestry practices, coffee plantations exemplify a harmonious coexistence of agriculture and nature. Beyond biodiversity, coffee cultivation incorporates sustainable farming techniques that emphasize the preservation of soil health, water resources, and the reduction of chemical inputs. The implementation of eco-friendly methods, such as organic farming and sustainable land management, not only minimizes the environmental footprint but also promotes the regeneration of ecosystems. Furthermore, coffee plantations represent a source of livelihood for millions of small-scale farmers across the globe. This social dimension is closely intertwined with the environmental, as the economic sustainability of coffee farming can incentivize responsible land stewardship and the preservation of natural resources. In essence, coffee plantations are far more than sources of the morning brew; they embody a unique intersection of agriculture, ecology, and livelihoods. This abstract underscores the particularities of coffee plantations' importance for the environment, painting a picture of an industry that, when approached with care and commitment, can enrich the planet's ecological tapestry and foster sustainable coexistence between human activity and nature.
coffee, plantation, importance, particularities, environment
environmental engineering
Presentation: poster