B. AL BENNI¹, Veronica SĂRĂȚEANU ²*, Otilia COTUNA2* 1Siirt University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture, Siirt-Turkey 2Banat`s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” veronica_sarateanu@usvt.ro
The present overview aims to statistically enlighten the similarities and differences of the agricultural sector between Romania and Turkey. Our overview uses official statistical data from the year 2021 to compare the agricultural sector of Romania and Turkey. The data of this study were collected from the National Institute of Statistics of Romania (NSI Romania) and from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). Also, Turkey is one of the largest wide-range agricultural product producers worldwide, with a 5.54 percent share of total gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021. In Romania, the share of the agricultural sector in 2021 was 4.4. Arable land represents 64.22% from the total agricultural land in Romania and 52.20% in Turkey; this fact highlighting the agricultural specificity of each of the analysed countries. The structure of the agricultural production is very different in the analysed countries, because the greatest productions in Romania are obtained by the cereals for grain and green fodder cultivated in arable land, while in Turkey the most important from the perspective of the production are fruits, nuts and vegetables. Turkey has a very divert range of vegetable crops, dominated from far by tomatoes, while in Romania cabbage and tomatoes are the greatest production. The sector of fruits and nuts in Turkey is represented by a great range of species, from those citrus fruits have the greatest production. In Romania, the greatest fruit production is given by grapes. Regarding the animal breeding, Romania has the greatest number of poultry, while in Turkey sheep are dominant. The greatest animal production in Romania was obtained in poultry sector and in Turkey in the raw milk. The latest available data on agricultural sector of Romanian and Turkey shows that both agricultural sectors are complementary.
Agricultural sector, Romania, Turkey
Presentation: poster