Cristina BUPTE (RÂPĂ)*, Anca Maria PORUBSKI*,Simona NIŢĂ*, L. NIŢĂ* *University of Life Sciences "King Michael I" from Timisoara
The object of this study is the lands belonging to the cadastral territory of Seleuș commune, Arad county, respectively the soils identified in the mentioned perimeter. They are studied in relation to the environmental factors that condition their existence, together with them, forming homogeneous ecological territory units (UT or TEO) with specific favouritivities for different agricultural or forestry uses and with specific breeding requirements and technologies. The research is based on the establishment of a sustainable agriculture system, meeting the requirements for the establishment of the scientific database necessary for the establishment of technologies and for the development of measures for the integrated management of agroecosystems. It aims to obtain a fund of information on technical and fertility characteristics in order to determine the current general production capacity of land for different crop plants, respectively different uses, to substantiate technically and scientifically the most appropriate practical measures regarding the rational use and conservation of the land fund, in order to make them available to specialists and also to serve as elements in the composition of the data of M.A.D.R. in order to achieve and update the "National and County Soil-Land Monitoring System for Agriculture", but also to substantiate other programs in the field of activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: implementation of the nitrates directive, application of the provisions of the sewage sludge directive, directive on biofuels, directive on delimitation of disadvantaged areas, climate change, organic agriculture, etc.
soil cover, agricultural, soil fertility, potential production
Presentation: poster