Ștefana BAICU (ZOICAN), B.-F. GROZAVU, Olimpia Alina IORDĂNESCU 1University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” from Timișoara,Romania stefana.zoican@usvt.ro
It is important to acknowledge the challenges that the global cherry industry has faced and the efforts made to overcome them. The evolution of cherry production worldwide is a complex and fascinating story influenced by various factors, including historical practices, cutting-edge technological innovations, environmental considerations, and the ever-shifting landscape of consumer preferences. Cherry production has historically relied on agricultural practices that have been passed down through generations. However, recent technological advancements have transformed the industry. Precision farming, advanced irrigation systems, and genetic improvements in cherry varieties have significantly enhanced production efficiency, yield, and overall crop quality. Environmental considerations have become increasingly important in the evolution of cherry production. The industry is recognizing the significance of sustainable practices to minimize its ecological footprint. Efforts are being made to adopt eco-friendly cultivation methods, reduce water and resource usage, and implement agroecological approaches, which are becoming central to the global cherry farming landscape. It is widely acknowledged that producers around the world are facing the challenge of balancing productivity with environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the cherry industry is closely tied to the changing preferences of consumers. As dietary habits and lifestyles evolve, there is an increasing demand for fresh, high-quality, and sustainably produced cherries. Consumers not only desire delicious and visually appealing cherries but are also becoming more aware of the environmental and ethical implications of their food choices. The strategies adopted by cherry producers are being influenced by a shift in consumer awareness, which is pushing the industry towards more sustainable and responsible practices. The evolution of worldwide cherry production is a captivating narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of tradition, technology, sustainability, and consumer dynamics. To navigate this dynamic landscape, the industry must take a proactive approach and embrace sustainability as a cornerstone for future success and resilience in the global cherry market.
Sustainable Manufacturing Practices, Environmental Impact Reduction, Energy Efficiency, Packaging Innovations, Global landscape, Market Trends
Presentation: poster