A. VASILONI1, F. GUYVENCHY1, R. PAȘCALĂU1, A. ȘMULEAC1 1University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” from Timișoara, Romania
The landscape of agriculture has undergone a profound transformation with the integration of advanced technology and precision measurement equipment. This abstract delves deeper into the pivotal role of precision measurement equipment in modern agriculture, shedding light on its far-reaching impact on the agricultural sector's efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Precision measurement equipment encompasses a diverse array of tools and technologies that have revolutionized the way farmers manage their operations. These tools include cutting-edge sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), global positioning systems (GPS), and sophisticated data analytics platforms. Through these innovations, precision agriculture has become a powerful force in optimizing various aspects of farming. One of the fundamental applications of precision measurement equipment is in soil analysis. Sensors and probes can provide real-time data on soil moisture levels, nutrient content, and pH, allowing farmers to fine-tune their irrigation and fertilization strategies. This not only improves crop yields but also minimizes resource wastage, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Precision measurement equipment is also instrumental in crop management. Drones equipped with multispectral cameras can capture high-resolution images of fields, enabling farmers to monitor crop health, detect diseases, and assess the impact of various treatments. This data-driven approach empowers farmers to make informed decisions about pest control, irrigation scheduling, and crop rotation, resulting in more sustainable and profitable farming practices.
equipment, environment, agriculture, precision, measurements
geodesy engineering
Presentation: poster