Andrei ILIUȚĂ, Dorin ŢĂRĂU, Bogdan BEȘTI None
Soil, represent a major component in  agriculture due not only to its own characteristics but also to its  aggregant capacities for other environement factors influence. As agroecosystem element, the soil may favour productivity through a range of defined specific properties, such as: pH , granulometry, nutritive elements equilibrium, organic matter, thermic and hydric regime, mineralogic composition, etc. Practical  action requires complex  study of soil properties in interaction with soil genetics, climate  and  biologic  factors. Approached issues in this  paper refer to a 182.080 ha of agricultural terrain, belonging from the geomorphologic point of view to Aradului plain and from the hydrographic point of view to a part of  Romanian south-west hydrographic system, improved  by  hidro –ameliorative  works. We also  describe microclimate (temperature, groundwater and rain  regime)  and phytogeographic characteristics  of this  area. As a result, pedogenetic factors interaction generate a numerous soil species with evolving specific characteristics. We note  that soil  properties cover fundamental geographical characteristics: in our research area follows the same step distribution as relief or climate. All the interpretations, evaluations and classifications have as support the pedological information resulted using soil survey methodology as it  follows: Ecopedological conditions research, data organizations and processing were made accordingly to ,,Pedological studies Elaboration Methodology’’, issued by ICPA Bucuresti in 1987, copleted by ,,Romanian Soil Taxonomic System  (SRTS 2003). Soil chemical,  fisica, hidrofisical  characteristics determinations were performed after  standard metodology  elaborated by  tutelary  scientific Institute –ICPA  , in OSPA Arad laboratory. Samples  harvestind  and  terrain  evaluation were made  by  qualified  staff accordingly to   standard methology. Within this system was elaborated the Romanian lands pedo-climatic grouping, soil rating and technological characterization of  the area. In overall caracterization ,  the paper presents data referring to soil quality status in our considered area, as basic element  in its ecological and technical approach. In the  same  time   demonstrates the  necessity of correct  crop  assignation  due  to  certain  limitative  factors.
factor, composition element, area, agroecosystem, rural
Presentation: oral