Tuti LICA, Ţărău DORIN None
This paper is part of PhD research theme entitled foundation ecopedological cadastral value of the land in the county of Olt and characterize the arable land in the SC SPICU Poboru, Olt County. From the research field points were established to characterize the reprezentative researched area, opening a total of 3 profiles, from which soil samples were collected pedogenetic horizons. The soil samples were analyzed in the Office of Pedological and Agrochemical Studies Olt and standards approved by the Standars Association of Romania (ASRO). In the research field and laboratory test results were determined soil types: Luvisols vertic the plots 115 and 120 and Planosols vertic albic the plot 122. The evaluation cadastral determines how many times an area is better than another, given the fertility of, reflected by the yields they provide. Evaluation marks (under natural conditions) separates quality agricultural land of terms of their quality for agricultural use and the use by separates them in terms of productions capacity. Of land for under natural conditions in conditional evaluation, ecological characterization participated indicators to determine the factors limiting evaluation marks. For the characterizations climatic elements were used at the meteorological station data Streharet Slatina. Weather data from meteorogical station Slatina ranges from 11.1 to 12.0 0 C isotherms multiannual average (11.1 0 C for both 1980-2011 and the 2010-2011). Precipitations regime is characterized by an average annual of 575 mm (570.6 mm for the period 1980-2011 and 597.5 mm to 2010-2011), they manifested more in the form of rain. For the category of arable note evaluation marks arithmetic mean of evaluation marks for eight crops namely: grain, barley, maize, sunflower, potato, sugar beet, soybean, peas and beans. In the land investigation (SC SPICU Poboru) situation is as follows: plot 115 (TEO 1), note 66, class II, plot 120 (TEO 2), note 66, class II, plot 122 (TEO 3) note 56 class III.
soil resources, cadastral evaluation, quality classes, crops, estimated production, production undertaken
Presentation: oral