Maria Mihaela Antofie, Camelia Sand None
The scope of the review is to discuss the evolution of the new biotech policies and strategies at the European level within a global context. Modern biotechnology and their products - genetically modified organisms - are among the main subject of public debate, since their born earlier in ’80 years, because the dispute between the opponents the proponents of this technology. However, due to the rapid and visible positive impact in the today agriculture, pharmaceuticals and medicine, the biotech policy is much changing at the EU level and Europeans are accepting more and more the idea of approving these new technologies. Still are under question marks issues related to public information, education and awareness for the biotech domain, as the addressability public group is really small and the European legislation is very strict. However, we may consider that now it is accepted at the EU level that the beneficiary’ voice should be listened as they are the direct users of biotech products. These benefits may consist in facilitating or decreasing the work associated with producing crops for example, particularly as regards combating pests. However, developing a study of the advantages of using GMOs cannot be limited to an assessment of the individual benefits for particular users, but also should be considered the collective benefits for society as a whole which includes the environment. This assessment study is a paper review regarding the policies and strategies tendencies at the European Union level through the analysis of other important components of the external relationships. Further these results may ground the future policy at national level regarding the research financing for the biotech domain.
modern biotechnology; policy; biotech research
Presentation: oral