Laura Constantinescu None
The paper aims at presenting and characterizing the soils and the degradation processes taking place on the studied land - surroundings of the small town of Zlatna. 19 soil profiles and 62 prospecting by boring were made, of which over 30 soil samples were harvested. It result that the perimeter studied are 10 units of soils that have been defined according to the characteristic of morphological and physic- chemical properties of the soil profile. The types of soil are litosoil, aluviosoil, eutricambosoil, preluvosoil and luvosoil the cause of soils degradation in this area is the pollution. As a result, the herbal and wooden vegetation suffered greatly or disappeared completely leading to erosion and landslides. In order to rehabilitate the polluted soils, some soil ameliorative recommendations are presented. The main restrictive factors are: strong pollution, deep erosion, soil acidity, slope land, surface erosion, landslides, patchy of land, strong settle of soil. The soils grouping was performed according to lend oneself of the use of meadow. It also was an improved grouping of land to grade management the meadows and depending on the state land agrochemicals has established measures to increase fertility.
pollution; deep erosion; soil acidity; slope land; landslides
Presentation: oral