Laura Goloşie, Gheorghe Rogobete None
Worldwide radical transformations taking place, influenced by global finance, but also environmental issues. These changes are accelerated and more like, more violent. Industrial development dictated by the consumer was made to the detriment of environmental protection. It seems that we arrived at maturity. In Romania, began to speak, more and more about sustainable development and environmental protection. In Vermont in the USA in 1996 were established for the first time globally, the rules of sustainable development. In Romania we have established in 2008 the same thing. But in a case in most other points which should be regarded as binding, are set on the engineering environment must provide special protection of the population. In our country, these problems have occurred with a speed much higher than in other countries and not give us time experiences or expectations. Therefore be operated as better and faster. In paper I propose to explain how to implement development standards in areas abandoned economic that were not industrialized where financial resources are limited, the population is affected in social and medical follow old occupations and where highly qualified specialists in the area are very few useful to new changes.
the components of sustainable development; financial resources; environmental protection
Presentation: oral