Hysen Mankolli, Velesin Peçuli, Shpend Shahini, Agim Asllani None
The eco-zone of Elbasan is located in the central part of Albania. The climate in the suburbs of Elbasan is characterized as Mediterranean field-central in which the annual average temperature is 15.4 grades, during the winter the temperature goes from -3 up to 18 grades and during the summer 25-35 grade. The average annual amount of rain is 1157-1300 mm, while the extreme annual amount of rain goes from 620 mm to 1500 mm. the earth habitats with a high potential of living creatures, are agricultural objects because the earth as ecological environment fulfils the conditions for the raise of agro ecosystem. One of the most evident conditions for the use of agricultural land is the presence of high nutritive levels for plant creatures and without pollution substances.  The purpose of this study is the evaluation of pollution in agricultural land by Pb and Cr in the suburbs of Elbasan area. The provision of samples on pollution was carried out in four points, close to the object of Metallurgic Factory Paper – Pajove, Bradashesh-Vidhas,Labinot – Shushice and Vidhas –Paper. The depth of the earth sample was taken up to 30-50 cm, where is developed the main part of the root system of plants. The analysis has been carried out for the metals   Pb and Cr.  In each area were taken five samples in four different points.  The weight of the sample was 0.3-0.5 kg. The Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) as an analytical technique was applied in order to determine the values of heavy metals Pb and Cr in different samples. The analyses were carried out in the Institute of Veterinarian Institute, Tirana. The values of Pb in the earth samples in the suburbs of metallurgic factory vary from 17 ppm in the sample no. 1 to 65 ppm in the sample no.14 such a change is because of the different distance of sample receipt. The difference between the sample with a highest value and that with the lowest value is 48 ppm Pb. The values of Cr in the earth samples vary from 418 ppm in the sample no.16 and 612 ppm in the sample no. 19.  These values belong to the same area; this shows that the values of Cr are stable. The difference between the sample with the highest value and that with the lowest value is 194 ppm Cr. The study carried out in 2004 by the Department of Agro-environment & Ecology and by the Institute of veterinary research, Tirana, contributes in the qualitative evaluation of agricultural land in the agro ecosystems of Elbasan area.
pollution; agricultural land; spectrometry; agro ecosystems
Presentation: oral