Teodora Deac, Victor Roş, Florin Mariaşiu, Marius Deac None
In the context of increasing energy prices and the reduction of world fossil fuels reserves it is necessary to use other available energy sources. Agriculture represents an important source of renewable energy sources and in the same time an important energy consumer. Agricultural farms, for vegetal, animal or mixed production have the possibility to use their own sources of energy to meet their requirements, sources which are available as secondary products or even waste. On one hand, using this energy sources enables the farmer to obtain the energetic independence of the farm and, on the other hand, to reduce the energy costs and eliminates the impact of waste to the environment (animal farms can use the manure for biogas production). In order to correctly identify the farm energy potential and to select the optimal solution for its capitalization, it is necessary to carry out the energetic balance sheet witch provides the required information. The present paper presents a software program that offers the possibility of proper evaluation of the farm energy potential. The software is flexible, easy to use and because it’s modular structure it can be easily adapted to any type of farm, for vegetal, animal or mixed production. The results obtained from the input data are presented in a table format making them easy to read and understand. The energetic balance sheet contains the required information about the energetic potential. This newly developed software is meant as a useful tool for the farmers, allowing the correct and efficient evaluation of their own farm’s energetic potential.
agricultural farm; energy sources; energy balance sheet
Presentation: oral