Florin Maria┼čiu, Teodora Deac None
On the present more and more world food quantity demands, the role of the agriculture machine producers is very important trough the permanent target to improve the functionally and operationally capacity of the agricultural machinery system to can achieve the proposed goals of increasing the agricultural productivity and also to can make possible the application in agriculture of the newest technologies. From human labour, through animal power, to mechanical power - agricultural machinery systems have evolved to meet the challenge but this continue development has been fuelled by a need to increase productivity, reduce human drudgery, and decrease peak labour demands.This paper evaluates (by analogy with the systems developed or developing related to road traffic) a comparative analysis of different systems of command and control and proposes a simple algorithm to avoid accidents by two or more autonomous agricultural machinery. The algorithm was developed and will be implemented in future phases of research and is based on the use of functions of GPS (Global Positioning System) integrated into the computer systems of command and control. It is also the first national study by addressing, and implementing research results in agricultural autonomous machines.
autonomous agricultural machine; collision; algorithm; GPS systems
Presentation: oral