Tomáš Vereš, Štefan Týr None
In the years 2000 - 2010 (11 years) was conducted weed survey on the farms in conventional farming system. The aim was to detected the most harmful weeds, as important biotic, environmental stress factor, on the farms in the canopies of potato in potato production region of the Slovak Republic. The fields were selected in potato production regions of Slovak Republic. An actual weed infestation was evaluated before preemergence application of herbicides. Screening of each field was made on 1 m 2 area with four replications. The four randomly established sample quadrants were situated minimally 20 m from field margin and apart from each other, respectively. The level of infestation was evaluated according to average density of weeds per square meter). Obtained data from farms was statistically analyzed by correlation analysis in Statistica 7.0. In the potato stands 25 weed species were detected, the most problematic were: perennial weed Elytrigia repens (L.)DESV and annual weeds Anthemis spp., Chenopodium spp., Tripleurospermum perforatum (Mérat) M. Lainz, Amaranthus spp, Persicaria spp. and Galium aparine L.. Temporral dynamic of actual weed infestation depends on production region. In the last decade was detected the significant increase of Amaranthus spp. (A. retroflexus, A. powelli), Fallopia convolvulus (L.) A. Love, Veronica spp. and very significant increase of Avena fatua L.. in potato production region. After herbicides control the significant changes in weed flora were noted in term of abundance and share of some weed species on total weed community. Temporal dynamics of actual weed infestation depend on climate conditions of potato production region, forecrop and canopy health condition. Weeds are not always a problem in potato stands but control may be considered necessary to safeguard crop quality and yield. The originality of result is in mapping the weed species and its actual weed infestation in cultural crops (potato stands).
temporal dynamics, actual weed infestation, mapping, potato
Presentation: oral