Jean Barloy, Florin Prunar None
Romanian populations of C. (Eucarabus) ulrichii Germar 1824 were studied for their appurtenance to the subsp. ulrichii type, or to the subsp. fastuosus Palliardi 1825 . The size of the pronotum did not ensure the distinction, contrary to the relative size, index of the absolute form and secondarily the form of the pronotum rear angles. Three origins linked to fastuosus (Baile Herculane) to superbus Kraatz 1878 (Cărbunari-Stinăpari) to arrogans Schaum 1859 , are exceptions. C. (Eucarabus) ulrichii Germar 1824 is a species undoubtedly present throughout the territory of Romania, although less abundant in Maramures and Dobrogea. It occurs rather in plains, but can rise up 900-1100 m. (Monts Poiana Rusca HD, Mont Secuiului AB). This species is found in various natural habitats (grasslands, deciduous forests, steppes, wasteland ...) but also in the crops coming from the refuge areas. In Romania, according to the literature, there is the subsp. ulrichii Germar and subsp. fastuosus Palliardi and the form superbus Kraatz. The various ecological situations have modeled the populations among which various taxa (around 50) are differentiated, the most being invalidated. Morphological criteria ensuring the distinction between the two subsp. vary depending on the authors. The study presented was made on 34 populations originating from Banat, Transylvania and Maramureş, and means to identify the most relevant characters to ensure the determination. Besides, the shape of the pronotum rear angles, a useful character but difficult to use, the analysis has focused on the morphometric data (pronotum shape, relative size of the imago, the index of absolute form), diversity of coloration in populations. The shape of the pronotum, distinguishing criterion for most authors, appears poorly discriminating, contrary to the relative size (important for the subsp. fastuosus) and the index of absolute form, which differentiate both subsp quite well. The populations linked to superbus Kraatz and an origin of subsp. fastuosus (Băile Herculane) are exceptions, having the morphometric criteria of the subsp. ulrichii.
ulrichii, fastuosus, superbus, arrogans, morphological criteria.
Presentation: oral