Romulus MOCANU, S. TOMA, Ana Maria DODOCIOIU None
The latest increasing interest on oilseed rape (III rd oil producing crop in the world) crop impose the better knowing of its technology, especially the fertilizer use. Taking account the lack of research results on this issue in our country and worldwide on kastanioziom soil type from Dobrogea we have initiated experiments on the effect of several potassium fertilizer doses on this type of soil from Cerna commune, District Tulcea. The researches have been made on a stationary experiment with two factors: the A factor – the potassium dose as potassium chlorure and the B factor – the nitrogen dose, using ammonium nitrate with 34.5% N. The cropkind was Triangle, with 50-70 germinable seeds/s.m., at 25 cm between rows, using 2.8 kg seeds/ha. The surface of an experimental plot was 35 s.m. (3.5 m x 10 m). The novelty of these researches has been the using of several doses of potassium as potassium clorure, both alone and along with nitrogen in the conditions of assuring phosphorus needs from soil reserves due to a good soil supplying degree in this element (51-67 ppm P). The researches have been focused on the following aspects: - the determination of some productivity element as: nr of plants per s.m. after emerging, begining of winter, begining of spring, average number of branches and flowers per plant and average number of pods and seeds per plant, average yield per plant; - the average yield per hectare and its quality by determining: the hectolitric mass, the mass of 1000 seeds, the oil content in %; The researches have been carried out within 2008-2010 period and are the first for their kind in this area having a high importance for loco growers who crop the land without an agrochemical study of the soil and without applying potassium fertilizers whose content in soil is scarce and that is absolutelly necessary in the metabolism of fats, respectivelly, in the increasing of the oil content used as biodiesel. From this point of view, the paper is original because there were not published such researching results so far. The importance of the paper is given by the fact that it responds to problems related to the rational use of fertilizers to oilseed rape, contributing to the improving of technology of this crop
oilseed rape, kastanioziom, nitrogen fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, productivity elements, pods
Presentation: oral